Direct Client Profile: Conscientious Development

Real estate developer Chad builds energy efficient “eco-modern homes”. We’re proud to have contributed to bringing a couple of their projects to life. “We found Jared at DMLC while searching for a flexible lender on two homes we needed to finance construction on quickly. We interviewed three different lenders and found DMLC to be the most professional of the group. That gave us the confidence to do our first deal with them,” says Chad.

We asked Chad what made him come back to DMLC. “Working with DMLC has been exactly what we were looking for in a lender. They have been quick to make decisions, flexible in their terms and very accommodating throughout all stages of the development process. If a lender such as DMLC enables us to shave months off of a project and reduce reliance on expensive sources of equity, it helps us to improve profitability while reducing development time and effort.” We strive to be as fast, flexible and accommodating, and we’re pleased to know that it profits our clients!